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Just our Type: Looking at the FK8 Civic Type R 

Honda > Blog > Just our Type: Looking at the FK8 Civic Type R 

Just our Type: Looking at the FK8 Civic Type R 

November 13, 2017 / 3900 / Blog, News
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Check your pulse, it’s here, it’s finally here … the 2017 Civic Type R is the most powerful front wheel drive hot hatch in the world and is now at Ban Hoe Seng Auto, the only dealer in Perak where you can see and order this model.   

Check out the full spec on our models page but for those wanting to understand the reasonings and functionality behind its bold look we’ve summed up below.


With the simple push of a button, you can change the way the Honda Civic Type R feels by switching between three different drive modes: ‘Comfort’ for day-to-day driving in town, ‘Sport’, which is the default mode and ideal for your favourite open roads, and last but not least, there’s ‘+R’ mode for a much tighter response out on a racetrack.

Comfort mode | When you want a smoother, comfortable ride with ease of manoeuvrability, lighter steering and compliant acceleration.

Sport mode | This is the default setting and provides exact and precise handling, while adding more acceleration and throttle response for an engaging, sport performance.

+R mode | Just what you need when you take the Type R on to a race track. It Stiffens the dampers for high-speed handling, increases steering response and maximises engine performance.


Airflow is controlled efficiently for high-speed stability and is kept as close to the body as possible. This ensures an effortlessly smooth flow, over and under the Type R, while applying just enough downforce for optimum levels of traction. Air for cooling is managed through intakes that are coherent with the sculpted bonnet and front bumper design. All this, together with a 2.0 litre VTEC TURBO engine, the Honda Civic Type R is designed for one purpose only: Absolute performance.

Handling | Wide and assertive, the Honda Civic Type R delivers a precise and purposeful driving experience through hairpins and fast sweeping corners.

Exhaust | A unique central-mounted, triple-exit exhaust unit has an outlet, between the two performance outlets, that is especially tuned to produce a glorious tone – the higher the revs, the louder it roars.

Power | The Honda Civic Type R is at its most exhilarating on a racetrack – it redlines at 7,000rpm and produces 320PS peak power at 6,500.

VTEC | A unique Honda engine innovation: Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control. Developed to improve four-stroke efficiency for higher performance at high RPM, while keeping fuel consumption to a minimum at low RPM.

Acceleration | A punchy 400Nm of torque, from 2,500 to 4,500rpm, makes the Type R the fastest accelerating, front-wheel-drive hothatch around.

Airflow | Aerodynamically controlled air is channelled through the front bumper vents and bonnet inlet to cool the steering, the engine components and the brakes.

Engine | A fuel injected, 2.0 litre VTEC TURBO, with high compression pistons – it’s the most extreme, high-performance engine Honda has ever built.

Transmission | You get an instant response with the close ratio, six-speed manual gearbox. It works together with the unique Rev Match feature to eliminate shift shock – just like heel and toe gear changing.

Stability | The limited-slip differential is a helical type drive system and increases the Honda Type R’s cornering – and straight-line – steering stability, reducing torque-steer, when accelerating out of a fast bend.


The Honda Civic Type R is designed around an innovative high-strength chassis for pinpoint-precision driving. Combined with a uniquely assembled lightweight body structure, low sport seats and an adaptive independent suspension system, it performs with outstanding agility everywhere.

High-level rigidity | A light chassis with exceptional torsional strength built in to the body of the Type R, provides rooted stability at high speed.

Low centre of gravity | Positioning the driver closer to the road with our specially constructed, lighter sport seats – made to keep the driver’s hip-point as low as possible – not only lowers the centre of gravity, but contributes to a connected driving experience.

Performance tyres | Wide 245/30 ZR20 tyres, fitted to the 20” alloys, add to the responsive steering, grip and stability of the Type R – it will feel totally planted to the tarmac.

Stopping power | Brembo calipers grab 350mm vented and drilled discs.

Adaptive damper system | A fully independent suspension system with advanced adaptive dampers, constantly monitored by sensors, maximises power transfer for impressive roadholding.


The all-new Civic Type R is only available in the exclusive Championship White colour. Every Type R is built with its own serial number plate strategically positioned on the centre console, a constant reminder of the exclusive status of this car. Priced at RM320,000 excluding insurance.


Ban Hoe Seng Auto is proud to be the only authorised Sport Dealer in Perak. Sport Dealers are Honda’s appointed authorised dealers that carry the model in Malaysia.

Shipped in from the Swindon assembly plant in the UK, it is now available to see and book at out showroom. Directions here.


We’ll leave you with a cool summary video where a UK Honda expert discusses the engineering that’s gone into the 2017 Honda Civic Type R here.  


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